Arcadia Puzzles

Arcadia Puzzles seeks to create high-quality jigsaw puzzles that provide you with the best puzzling experience. We cultivate exclusive designs illustrated by independent artists from around the world to bring vibrant artwork that you can re-create from the comfort of your home. We hope that our unique jigsaw puzzles will allow you to spend some quality time enjoying the simple pleasure of building puzzles by hand and seeing your work come to life!

  • @600hoursofpuzzle

    "If you're looking for an adorable puzzle with the cutest little animals, bright colours and great quality - look no further."

  • @jenniferjlau

    "Loved building this puzzle with so many different symbols of Canadian culture from coast to coast. It is definitely a collectible and I plan to frame it for my kids in the future!"

  • @mintyfizz_puzzles

    "The image is very clean, no blurred lines. Each piece was so satisfying to place in. Yes, yes, yes great puzzle. This little company has wormed their way into my heart."

  • @puzzlepastime

    "I was pretty impressed with this puzzle! For starters, it comes in a cloth zip top bag and I love a good, sustainable bag."

  • @puzzle_canopy

    "I love puzzle with plenty of color and funny details and this one is just perfect with tons of reference! From #justinbieber t0 #timhortons , from #lobsterroll to#poutine , from the moose to the goose ❤ The quality is also good and the fit is great."

  • @meekachii

    This was an amazing puzzling experience!!! The quality was beautiful and it was so much fun to put together!! There were literally no false fits, which is a huge plus. The pieces were a beautiful silky matte. The piece fit was amazing and I could pick up large sections to move them. There was essentially no puzzle dust! It passed the pick up test with ease (one handed). I literally have no critiques and I can’t wait to do other puzzles from this company! 

  • @ms_puzzled

    I was so impressed with the quality and fit of this puzzle. The pieces have a linen-matte finish and are a nice thickness. I had no false fits, no bent pieces and no lifting of the image on any pieces. I am so glad I signed up for this campaign and can't wait to do the other puzzles. I will definitely be watching for more puzzles from Arcadia! 

  • @michellewattles

    "Hello Hong Kong" was a fantastic puzzle to complete. The pieces are so well cut and there is no dust in the included bag. It makes me want MORE!!!

    ​"Sunday Bliss: has made my puzzle dreams come true! Great quality pieces and artisitic style combined into a cute